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Zoom Video Call- Support

View the Zoom Support Page here- - Screen Sharing Support

Getting Started with Zoom

To get started with Zoom Video Calls, you must download the installer on your device. For a complete list of installer options, click the link here- After downloading is complete, click the green Join the Video button, found on the top left hand side of the screen in the Qiqo Chat room.

What are the requirements to join Zoom Video Calls?

Qiqo is a “wrapper” around Zoom which provides extra functionality such as additional breakout rooms, notes pages for every breakout, and user profiles so you can learn more about your fellow participants. When you click a button on Qiqo, Zoom will pop open. Be sure to download Zoom ahead of time.

I'm new to you have any tips to get started?

Absolutely. Take a look at this file to get started!

I'm presenting in Zoom...what are some important things I should know?

Here are some tips for those hosting Zoom meetings for the first time. Share a Screen Hosts can share from their computer, everything from documents, spreadsheets, editing programs, to file in your Google Drive. The share button is on the bottom tab, in the middle of the screen. Just click it, and choose which program you want to share. Pause or resume screen sharing: Alt + S Mute Everyone Ambient or background noise can often get in the way of clear communication. The meeting host can hit ⌘Cmd+Ctrl+M (Mac) or Alt+M (PC) to mute everyone on the call at once. Or follow the steps below and click on the mMute All button. Remove Participants That Cause Problems 1.Click on Particpants on your Zoom bar. 2. Click on More next to the participant's name. 3. Click Remove
Meeting Recordings We will be recording the meetings for security and promotional purposes. There is nothing you need to do to enable the recording. We will have it set to record automatically. We are not planning at this time to make those recordings public. We honestly, just don’t have the manpower in our volunteer team to produce and publish all of those presentations. For a handout with pictures and steps, click here.