Frequently asked questions

What is Qiqo Chat?

QiqoChat is a tool for building vibrant online communities. Your members will be able to build relationships and efficiently share knowledge with their peers. The core tools on QiqoChat help you connect with other professionals for small-group video breakout sessions for an experience that is significantly more enjoyable than a standard webinar.

Getting Started with Qiqo Chat!

Three easy steps are required to get started with EdChange Global through Qiqo Chat. 1. Download Zoom Using a computer: - PC Users: - Mac Users: Using a Mobile device or Tablet: -Download from your device's app store. 2. Visit Qiqo Chat site - Create a Qiqo Chat account - RSVP for #ECGlobal - Click on the green "Participate" button to participate - Click on the rooms to left to go to your desired session - Click the green join button to join the video for that room - You can move from room to room and use the collaborative documents in the room

How do I join the ECG Qiqo Chat page?

Navigate to or

What options are available to create an account with Qiqo Chat?

You can create a free account without having to remember a new password by signing in with your social media account (Google, Slack, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Meetup) or you can create a new account with your regular email address and a new password you choose.

Is Qiqo Chat available on a device other than a computer such as a mobile device or tablet?

Zoom works on laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. It’s easiest to connect using a laptop or desktop, because all you have to do is click the “Join Audio/Video” button. You can do the same on a mobile phone, but it’s hard to see both Zoom and the Qiqo notes page for your meeting on Qiqo at the same time. For people connecting with an iPad or tablet, once you enter the room for the session you would like to attend, click on help in the top left hand corner. From there, tap on open Zoom in a new tab.

What are the requirements to use Zoom during the event?

Qiqo is a “wrapper” around Zoom which provides extra functionality such as additional breakout rooms, notes pages for every breakout, and user profiles so you can learn more about your fellow participants. When you click a "Join Video for Room Name" green button on Qiqo, Zoom will pop open. Be sure to download Zoom ahead of time.

What support is available through QiqoChat for the ECGlobal event?

Feel free to test out your system ahead of time. It’s simpler than you might expect. You can contact with any questions. During business hours, QiQoChat also operates a phone helpline: (443) 400-7476. Please leave a message if they aren’t available to answer your call.

Once I leave QiQoChat, how do I get back to the #ECGlobal space again?

If you didn't log out when but just closed your browser, when you go to or again it will take you back to where you were. If you did log out, just click on the green sign in button to get back in.

What if I am kicked out of QiqoChat, how to I reconnect?

QiqoChat is just a webpage so you won’t get kicked out. If you lose your Internet connection and something looks like it’s not updating on Qiqo, just refresh the page. If you lose your Internet connection, then you will drop out of the Zoom call. In that case, open Zoom just as you did before, and on Qiqo that usually means clicking on a green button that says “Join Video for Room Name”.