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Why Attend EdChange Global?

All educators want to do what is best for their students. They also want to be at the top of their game. To do this, it is crucial for them to learn how to continue their personal and professional growth. Some educators depend on their administrators and leaders to find learning opportunities for them. However, it is critical that educators understand that they must take their growth into their own hands and find learning opportunities for themselves. Doing so will help them continue to expand their growth mindset and learn more about themselves to understand how to best personalize their own learning. A great upcoming free opportunity for learning and to grow their PLN is EdChange Global.

A great upcoming free opportunity for learning and to grow their PLN is EdChange Global.

EdChange Global is a 24-hour learning experience where teachers and students share what they are passionate about with others from around the globe in a relaxed, all online environment. Game Changers will facilitate these learning experiences, but there are no presenters. This is an event where the participant drives the learning! This is perfect for educators because they can learn during their own time and can choose what they are actually interested in learning. Beyond that, it is not the normal conference situation where an “expert” delivers their knowledge to educators. This experience creates a learning community where everyone can learn from each other and educators can meet other educators who they can collaborate with beyond EdChange Global. So, register to attend and possibly facilitate today! You will not regret it!

To learn more about Growth Mindset, see my blog here:

To learn more about Personalized Learning, see my blog here:

Ms. Desiree Alexander, Ed.S. is an award-winning, multi-degreed educator who has been in the education since 2002 and is currently the Regional Director of North Louisiana for the Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana and is the Founder CEO of Educator Alexander Consulting, LLC (

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