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Who's behind #ECGlobal? Let's talk...

ECGlobal organising team were invited to share the latest news about the upcoming event live at the Leader of Learning Podcast hosted by one and only Dan Kreiness!

It is not always easy to express the feeling of international collaboration. As a teacher, I am surrounded by many people every day and yet, it can be a lonely place sometimes. What a relief it was to meet other learning enthusiasts and stay in touch with them, share the know-how and love for this job!

In the Podcast recorded few days ago, you will finally get to know the group of people whose enthusiasm has led to a fantastic exchange of knowledge among over 60 000 teachers in the last three years! How can this happen with no funding, no entrance fee and zero employees? Well, as Matt Damon said it in a movie We bought a ZOO, "Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane bravery".

Listen to this Podcast dedicated to EdChange Global, there is no better way to get the feeling of the relaxed environment ECGlobal provides!

EdChange has grown up in the last year. We have learned from previous years and have made significant improvements in order to ensure top quality experience, superb presenters, wider range of categories and greater global audience.

If you are concerned about the hours of some of the sessions you'd attend in July, let me tell you - I had to wake up at 2:30 am to meet with Dan and the rest of my ECGlobal team and it was totally worth it. Little setback like forgetting the English version of the name of my own school (it took some time to wake up completely!) just made the entire experience of night talk with fellow teachers on the other side of the globe that more relaxed and funny :).

If you are not a night hawk after all, another news is that many of the sessions will be doubled within 6 to 12 hours, so that you can learn from our Game Changers in your own convenient time. We're great, I know...

Join the crowd, it's getting bigger with every new day. Go to our HOME page, leave your comfort zone and be our Game Changer or Collaborator.

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