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#TeachSDGs - learning for all; actions for a better world.

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

It was truly an honour to be invited to partake in the Ed Change Global 2018 online conference.  The title itself connects brilliantly with the ignited passion that I have for education in connection with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.   In all honesty, it is all I tend to talk about with family, friends, and colleagues whenever possible. The Goals are something we all need to be aware of and more importantly action in our lives no matter our age, positions, or location on this planet we call home.  Though I could go on for endless pages on why the Sustainable Development Goals, or Global Goals to some are an integral part to our world's success, I will digress on focus on the 5AM - 6AM EST chat on the goals via a Twitter (July 21st).

The chat will be an extremely open Question and Answer format using a Q1/A1 format.  If you happen to read this in time, I encourage you to put your answers in TweetDeck so as to generate diaologue among those participating.  The questions that are posted are merely guides; I have no expectation of direct answers.  Instead, what would be wonderful to see is a dialogue of questions, of responses, of idea generation as to how we can all better integreate Global Goals in our learning spaces and lives.  Here we go (yes, they are lengthy): 

For all responses, please use: #ECGGlobal AND #ActionSDGs (it is a specific # meant for this chat that will be collectively archived and connected to the #TeachSDGs archive) 

5AM EST Introduction: Introduce yourself with your prefered name, pronoun, and your role in education THEN head to Google My Maps - EdChangeGlobal2018: Fuisz's SDGs Session and follow the directions.  We will be taking at least 10 mins for this.  Please ensure to share  warm welcomes with each other and IF English is not your first language, please feel free to be bilingual or share a few words of your first language in this intro or anywhere in the chat for that matter. 

515AM EST Q1: Take a moment to look at the Sustainable Development Goals no matter how versed they are in your own personal narrative.  If you could personally focus on one or two of these goals, what would they be and why?  Feel free to type your answer in via another medium and screen shot the response or use #G1 etc. to represent the goal(s) you wish to discuss.  

525AM EST Q2:  If you have already integrated the Sustainable Development Goals into your learning space share how you have and student reactions/outcomes if possible. If you have not, and you are new to the goals, how can you see implementing the goals into your learning space?  Be sure to dialogue with each other, ask questions, dig into resources and share! 

535AM EST Q3:  Think about your local community.  What are its needs in connection to helping to achieve the Global Goals.  Perhaps look at it through the lense of Service Learning or Experiential Learning.  We sometimes find ourselves stuck saying we are preparing our students for the real world when they already live in that world which we are 'preparing them for'.  Thus, what opportunities can you integrate into your upcoming school year and how do they connect to the Sustainable Development Goals so that our students see how they can make a difference one small step at a time. 

545AM EST Q4:  Please take a moment to read the incredible article on Lilly or watch this short video (Lilly Cleans up Litter)  Our youth have a remarkable resilience and perhaps a far more positive outlook on the future than many adults combined.  Our students need to see the positive in our world and many adults too; take a moment to find a positive article, video, or statistic that you can connect to the Sustainable Development Goals that has occurred in the past few years (so long as you can justify it as a positive growth in our world, then fear not of the timeline!) 

557AM EST: Thanks, shout outs, doc for sharing resources etc.  

The questions are well, an open opportunity.  Questions will be thrown in throughout pending on the participants as will resources from either myself or participants.  The end goal: spread awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and intergrate them into our leanring spaces and lives. 

Hoping to see educators of any sort join in for any length of time or any question.  The more voices the better!

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