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So What's New in EdChange in 2018?

We make changes because that's what education is all about.
What's New in EdChange Global in 2018?

Every generation of students is different than the previous one. That's what makes our job so exciting - we have to embrace the change and learn along. This doesn't apply only to classrooms, of course, and the EcGlobal organizing team is very aware of it.

Here's what's new in the July 20th event:

  1. The event is dedicated to sharing any good classroom practice, not IT only. This is not the big change since everyone was welcome before, too, but we want to make sure you don't get scared off with tech topics if you're not into it that much :)

  2. There is the deadline to apply to be Game Changer, and that's July 15th. We want to use the remaining 5 days until the event begins to make sure we can provide top quality support.

  3. We have spread the word all over Europe, so make sure you stay awake to get in touch with teachers fro the other side of the globe. There are many fantastic new Game Changers and attendants to share their steps with you within those exciting 24 hrs!

  4. We have a Blog page and we invite you to become ECGlobal writer - become a Member (you'll find the button in the top corner of the Blog page) and let us know you'd like to post a blog or two..

  5. The sessions will not be only in English! We don't want the language to be the barrier to sharing. Therefore, in the schedule we'll publish in a little while you will find which language will the session be in. Don't worry, we record the sessions and publish them on our YouTube Channel. You can watch the session in different languages later with the subtitle on and get the idea of what it was about.

  6. We have limited the tool we use from now on. Check the list of the tools. If you are not familiar with some of them, steps are provided, as is further guidance and help if you contact us.

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