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ISTE has awarded EdChange Global with Honourable Mention Award 201

ISTE Global Collaboration Award: Honorable Mention 2018
ISTE Global Collaboration Award: Honorable Mention 2018

Oh yes, we are happy and proud of all the members of ECGlobal organising team as well as of all the teachers who have and will participate in our global events either as Game Changers (Facilitators) or Attendants. As teachers we have a soft spot for our students who are just as responsible for this award. Students worldwide participate in EdChange Global Classrooms events in February year after year. They also get us teachers going because they embrace every news we bring to classrooms and make the most of it.

There are hours of sleepless nights, online meetings and planning behind a 24hr conference, but it is worth it.

Thank you ISTE for recognising our passion and the impact that sharing knowledge on such global scale has.

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