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How to attend an ECGlobal session?

Hi and welcome to ECGlobal Blog! This new feature on our website will help you stay in touch with all the actions we are taking to connect educators globally. There is a whole group of experts in different fields of education and they are all ready to share their know-how with you.

The first event that could help you get the picture of how it all works is happening next Friday at 3.10 PM CET!

Our founding organizer Deb Atchison and our European member of the organizing team Vlatka Butkovic are hosting a session in Prague @CEESA 2018 annual conference. Their workshop "It's a Small World After All!" will take European teachers of American international schools into the world of ECGlobal conferences. Their session starts at 2:30PM but at 3:10 PM CET they will log in with their attendants to three sessions in three different tools. Who will be waiting on the other side? Join the event and find out!

All the three mini-sessions will be listed in a schedule on this page. You can choose the session(s) you want the attend and join them by clicking on the link next to that session.

We suggest you add the session to your calendar. Just like any our conference, this, too, is a global event so keep in mind the time zones. A time zone converter will be provided next to the schedule. It's easy to miss a date. We'll keep you posted so don't forget to subscribe to our Newsletter and sign up for ECGlobal Blog membership!

What makes ECGlobal fabulous is not only the team (ehm..) of international enthusiasts but also the time we live in that makes it possible.

We are using few social networks tools you are already familiar with and host the entire conference through them. They are all free and easy to use. Most of all, once you connect with someone, you have a colleague and a fellow teacher to stay in touch long after the conference.

Next to every session in the schedule the tool will be named. In case the tool is new to you, we'll walk you through it. This way, please...

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