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Collaboration can be hard work but doesn't have to be! EdChange Global

If, like me, you like working with others, you know the benefits of teamwork. This isn't the teamwork where everyone has their job and they go away and do it, and come back when their bit is done, and wait until everyone else is done their work to put it all together. What I mean is when you plan together, agree, after disagreements, work together, finish together and celebrate together.

EdChange Global is exactly that kind of collaboration. There were organisers, participants and 'game changers' but we were all collaborators. This was fully realised when the game changers realised the participants had an equivalent amount of knowledge and experience, just perhaps not the same knowledge and experience.

There is fun and excitement in collaboration because, when collaborating, you are often undertaking tasks that are not your forté. You are maybe a little outside your comfort zone, and that's OK because there will be someone on your team to whom you can turn for support, that's learning. This team at EdChange Global were phenomenal for supporting each other, supporting participants and supporting the game changers to create a 'complete package' that was ah-mazing!!

I feel blessed to have taken part in this experience as a participant and game changer. I write of that experience here - - if you would like to read about it. I encourage any and all educators, which should always include parents - a learner's first educator, to watch, or take part in a more active way. See what happened this year and mark your calendar for next year. Even better, see if there is something you can think of now that you want to learn about, or share, and go do it! Make yourself better! Change!!

My biggest challenge was to collaborate on a presentation about collaboration. I found, though, that after the 7th or 8th session, of 15 I attended, that I was excited to not lead the session but rather to share the lead and share the creation of the presentation. The result - - is bigger than anything I could have created myself and I am grateful for the team that made it, not that helped make it.

I have not had a more energetic, rewarding or collaborative day of learning in my life. My hat goes off to you, the amazing team at EdChange Global.

Thank you.

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