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ECGlobal Leader Resources 

Zoom Video Conferencing Tips & Tricks For Meeting Hosts of #ECGlobal

Thank you so much for joining us as presenter for #ECGlobal. We couldn’t do this conference without the gift of your awesome talents! We will be using Zoom for all video presentations through the safe QiQoChat platform. Our QiQoChat room where everything will take place is located at


You will be made a co host for the room that your session is in. This will give you some control over the room, such as muting participants, removing people if they cause a problem and sharing your screen.


Here are some tips for those hosting Zoom meetings for the first time. 

CoHost - Someone from EdChange Global will be in your room prior to or at the start of your session and will make you the co host so that you can have the following permissions.


Share a Screen

Hosts can share from their computer, everything from documents, spreadsheets, editing programs, to file in your Google Drive. The share button is on the bottom tab, in the middle of the screen. Just click it, and choose which program you want to share. 

Pause or resume screen sharing: Alt + S

Mute Everyone

Ambient or background noise can often get in the way of clear communication. The meeting host can hit ⌘Cmd+Ctrl+M (Mac) or Alt+M (PC) to mute everyone on the call at once. Or follow the steps below (4) and click on the Mute All button.

Use Chat to Communicate and Collaborate

While in a meeting, click Chat in the meeting controls.

This will open the chat on the right. You can type a message into the chat
box and press enter to send it, or click on the drop down next to To: if you
want to send a message to a specific person.


While screen sharing, click More in the meeting controls. Choose Chat.


A floating chat window will appear. If you receive new chat messages
while screen share, the more button will flash orange to indicate the
incoming message. You can click on More, then Chat to open the window.

zoom chat.jpg
remove a participant in zoom.jpg

Remove Participants that Cause Problems

If you need to remove a participant that is
causing problems in your session, please do
so following these steps.

1. Click Participants on the Zoom bar.

2. Click More besides their name

3. Click Remove

Meeting Recordings

We will only record the meetings if needed for security and promotional purposes. We are not planning at this time to make those recordings public. If you have an issue with a participant, feel free to start the recording and stop it when you leave if not before. The link for the recording will come directly to us. We honestly just don’t have the manpower in our volunteer team to produce and publish all of the session presentation for later viewing, even though we wish we could.

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