How to attend a session?


All the sessions will be listed in a schedule on this page. You will choose the session(s) you want the attend and join them by clicking on the link next to that session. 

We suggest you add the session to your calendar. This is a global event so keep in mind the time zones. A time zone converter will be provided next to the schedule.

What makes ECGlobal fabulous is not only the team (ehm..) of international enthusiasts but also the time we live in that makes it possible. We are using few social networks tools you are already familiar with and host the entire conference through them. They are all free and easy to use. Most of all, once you connect with someone, you have a colleague and a fellow teacher to stay in touch long after the conference. 

Next to every session in the schedule the tool will be named. In case the tool is new to you, we'll walk you through it. This way, please...

We are very proud to share the stats after every conference. ECGlobal connects people on many levels before, during and after every conference. Please help us stay in touch by clicking the button below and officially applying to attend the conference.

How to host a session? Become a Game Changer!


It's all about the sharing. It is a teacher's responsibility to change with every new student, question the classroom practice and adapt to the needs of a student. There is no better to learn but from one another. 

If you've had good results with a particular project, have an idea you feel like sharing, please don't hesitate to do so - sign up to be ECGlobal Game Changer! 

Click the button to connect with the organizing team. There is a whole team of people to walk you through it, answer all your questions and help you facilitate a marvellous session. There's a chance you're not familiar with a certain tool we suggest you use? Not a problem...

this is where we'll help you find your way through the #ECG2018 scedule

Wanna be ECGlobal Blogger?


Why stop at the conference when there are so many things that happen all through the year?  You can join our group of Bloggers: sign up to be a Member on the Blog page, let us know you want to share a thought or two on our Blog and we'll have you approved as the writer. This is a great way to continue the collaboration, share your knowledge and follow other contributors. Keep on teaching, keep on learning!

Sponsors, we love you!


EdChange Global is run by volunteers who dedicate their time and knowledge to this remarkable cause. Still, in order to have such international group going and connected, we need occasional help in hosting, certain fees, design and wonderful prizes for conference attendants.

If you think you can help us and become our Sponsor, you will have our eternal gratitude. Even more, you will be permanently listed on our website as the Sponsor & promoted on social networks through posts, honourable mentions and songs we'll write about you.

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