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Tips to Connect to Sessions during ECGlobal! 

Here's what you can do ahead of time to make sure you can connect and you're ready to collaborate with everyone.


1. We don't want to limit any educator from joining us, but we do want to make sure we have a safe and secure place to learn. Thanks to QiQoChat for providing this safe environment for us. Please go to our 2020 QiQoChat room located at or and sign in or create an account and RSVP for our event. Instructions on how to do this are located hereWe will gather in the Homeroom of QiQoChat for the opening session starting on July 10 at 12:00pm (Central Daylight Time - Dallas, TX). You may want to get there a little early. You can convert your time zone in Sched and QiQoChat. 


2. The video call sessions will use Zoom (through QiQoChat). If you don't already have Zoom downloaded on the device you will be using for the conference, please do so before the conference starts. You can download it here,


3. The schedule is live at Logging in to Sched will allow you to save a personalized schedule, if you'd like to. However, this is not required to participate in the event. If you would like help in learning how to use Sched, go to Sched also has an app you can download on your phone/tablet if desired. 


Feel free to reach out if you need help getting set up before the big event!


Thank you QiQoChat &
CCS Southwest for making our connections possible!

Click on their logos to visit and return the support!

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How to Recieve Support during ECGlobal 
The video below is from last year, but still current.

1. QiQoChat: Use the Live Chat it the bottom right hand corner of QiQoChat

2. Twitter DM: @edchangeglobal

3. Email us:


Links to our other sponsors can be found in our QiQoChat Room or in Sched. We couldn't do this without them. Please make sure to let them know how much you appreciate them.

This is from 2019, but still mostly current!
Check out the info above or the email
sent to attendees with more information.

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