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Connect.      Share.      Learn.      Apply. 

EdChange Global creates 24-hour learning experiences providing teachers and students a platform to share their passions with others from around the globe in an online relaxed environment. 

The What?

An international group of educators and learning enthusiasts recognized the potential of social media tools in learning and sharing knowledge all over the world. They organized the first online conference in 2015 with great success. In only two years EdChange Global grew into an organization that hosts online conferences #ECG (EdChange Global) with almost 150 teachers facilitators and registered participants from 83 countries & #ECGC (EdChange Global Classrooms) with students and classrooms from 63 countries presenting.

EdChange Global

EdChange Global

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What If?

ECG asks … What If? What if you joined us for our twenty four hour event? What if you stepped out of your comfort zone and shared what you are passionate about with other educators around the world? What if you pushed the limits and boundaries of the four walls of your classroom and participated with other educators from around the world to learn, collaborate and share with teachers and students that are truly interested in learning and growing?


With a group of educatiors who are always in action there is alway something going on. We are learning from one another. Join us, share your thoughts through a Blog and comment on other posts.


Let's make a difference! 

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